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19 February 2007 @ 08:45 am
Got the jump seat in the sun today. It's amazing what a sunny day reaching the high 20's can do for your attitude. You can feel how bad people here want to spring to come. If only the collective desire could make thearth arc bit quicker. But we all know that it want be reliably warm until at least May. Of course even then it can drop down into the 40's.
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16 February 2007 @ 05:06 pm
Older woman sits and reads a book while incessantly shift her lower plate out of her half open mouth. She's put together enough that it is not attributable to mental deterioration, but she walks with a cane so it might be a degenerative condition. The things we would least be willing to give up, time eventually takes away.

Muslim woman wearing a veil and hooded winter coat gets on at Chicago. The mood shifts slightly in the car. Although she does not say anything, the veil declares that for better or worse, we're not all in this together. She may ride the train but she doesn't live in the same world as the rest of us.
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01 February 2007 @ 07:41 pm
A strange mix of antiseptic cleanliness mixed with the low bass undertones of human musk moves through the car. The floors are brushed with the dust of sidewalk sand and road salt. The lonely abandoned feeling of being caught without a book to hide behind on the long ride home. All I am left with is the shattered conversations of those sitting at my coordinate points.

The doors open again and a wave of someone else's girlfriend memory washes over me. It would break my heart if I knew this girl, or if I knew the guy who this girl hurt. Because we've all hurt someone. It's our god given right.

"I have no malice in my heart for anyone."

That's what she said, isn't that what we all say? None of us wants to believe that we are half as vindictive as we truly are.

Our hate gives us meaning.
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What if you had someone like this in your family?

He's a drunk. Doesn't matter what his particular poison is, it's how he lives his life.

He's always broke. He has to borrow money to finance his nights out on the town. He tells the people he borrows from that he'll get them back sometime in the future.

He spends money he doesn't have on shit he doesn't need. And then tells his kids that he can't afford to send them to a good school or a good doctor because times are tough.

He's been known to get drunk and attack people who haven't done anything to him. Invariably, this gets him in fights that he can't win.

He goes off on benders and no one can find him for days. Once, while he was on one of these, part of his house flooded and his family had to go stay with relatives. He hasn't bothered to clean up that part of the house yet. It has been seven months now.

When any of his friends question his choices he loudly declares that either they are "with him or against him" and calls them cowards. When someone in the family questions him, he tells them that they are ungrateful and obviously don't care as much about the family as he does.

Ironically, he's the first guy to stand up in church on Sunday. He sings the loudest, even as his breath stinks of booze.

So now if you were his wife, would you stay with this guy?

If you were his kid, would you take fatherly advice from him?

If he was your brother-in-law, would you lend him money?

If you were his friend, would you even let him drive home?

So why would you vote for him and his kind to run this country?

This administration is full of drunks. The Republican party is the party of drunks. And anyone who votes for them is an enabler.

It's time to take away the keys before someone really gets hurt.
07 November 2005 @ 10:52 pm
Today I saw Patrick Fitzgerald speak. Yeah, that Patrick Fitzgerald, the special counsel on the Plame Leak case. The guy on your TV knocking out Republican Attack Points in a way that you could say he's SHAFTIN'

The man is impressive. The whole time he spoke, he didn’t use an fancy-pants words and he never said “um”.

He didn't come off an a consummate litigator, but rather a consummate adult. One of the things that bothers me most about the world is that everywhere I look, I see people acting childish and petty (myself included). From the Bush administration's attempts to avoid the consequences of their policies to the Assistant US Attorney I saw in court a few weeks ago claiming that she was offended by a defendant's failure to present any evidence (which BTW is your constitutional right as a criminal defendant). Powerful people acting like children irks the hell out of me.

Fitzgerald didn’t come off that way. He seemed like an adult who appreciated concepts of duty, diligence, and honor. He exuded an appreciation for consequences.

He gave a pitch to people who have doubts about our legal system. He said that if you have questions about the validity of certain laws, don’t write off becoming a prosecutor. In fact, in his words, "you’re the exact type of people I want to become prosecutors. We can always use more thoughtful people in my office." See behavior of above mentioned Assistant US Attorney to validate that notion.

I appreciated what he was saying, but I wanted to ask him a question. I didn’t get the chance, but here it is: What if you are like me, someone who believes that criminals need to be punished, someone who accepts that prosecutors are public servants helping the greater good, but personally cannot stomach the idea of sending someone into our penal system because it has given up all pretense of rehabilitation. Even if you have no issues with how prosecutors do their job, can you separate the job from the fact that it dumps people into the bowels of a system that only serves to consume tax dollars and promote recidivism. Can any prosecutor truly wash their hands of that?

I'd love to know what his answer would be.

I want to be persuaded. I like to say that I'm a bloody knuckle liberal. I want a Captain America to come forward. I want an ACLU superhero. I want someone who will kick ass and take names to expand freedom and justice, not just spruce up the jingoistic trappings of transparent patriotism.

Sue me, I want a hero. Mr. Fitzgerald gave me a glimpse into what one might look like.

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